Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday update

Okay, as promised, progress pics on Emma and BoInk.

BoInk - top right motif is finished, with a good portion of the yellow frame on the left cross. :)

And Emma - I'm not sure if you can even see what I've done! I'm working on the netting of the lace. This fabric is kind of shimmery, and the single ply of thread doesn't stand out in the scan. I switched from ecru to one of the flesh colors because I could NOT see the ecru where I'd already stitched! Next weekend is the FB SAL, so Emma will be out Friday and Saturday for that.

We are off this morning for some errands, then I'll settle in for some crochet and college football! :)


Cole said...

Looks great Andrea! Congrats on sticking with Emma #2, it can be so difficult stitching the same piece over again :)

tangled stitch said...

Beautiful work! I love Emma, very precious!