Monday, August 10, 2009

10th Anniversary

This Friday is my 10th wedding anniversary. I was prepared to be mopey and depressed because my husband is still working out-of-state, and we wouldn't be able to spend time together. And then my mother surprised me with our anniversary gift - she's flying ME to visit my husband. Alone. No kids. So I won't be around from Wednesday evening to Saturday afternoon. I'll take blogoversary projects for the plane, stock up my iPod, and hope no one talks to be me for that hour.

Stitching updates from this weekend will be posted before I leave (at least the ones I can show). Heads up - I met my goal on Emma #2 :)


smilen1004 said...

happy anniversary! :) goodness I can't believe it's been that long since your wedding, we must be getting older ;) you were the first from our crew. congrats! dude, how come you aren't on IM anymore? we'll have to catch up one of these days :)~caroline

Angela said...

What a lovely surprise.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful gift - Yea for moms!

Hope you have a wonderful time :o)