Sunday, July 26, 2009


I promise, I'm just checking my e-mail and stuff for a bit, then I'll get to stitching on BoInk for today. Last night I finished putting beads on Cure Snowflake, and got the "itch" to get some design ideas on paper. So I grabbed the graph paper and colored pencils, and STARED at the blank page. Then I painted my nails and went to bed. (I'm happy to report that this nail color looks better on me with my Idaho tan than it ever did with my Seattle pale-ness.)

See, I have the privilige of stitching PIFs for 2 ladies in Europe. I'm trying to let my creativity and love of geometry flow BEYOND turquoise and brown for a while, so that I can get into stronger colors. I know that one of these ladies loves Russian-themed work, and I happen to have some eastern European decorative pieces I can use for inspiration. I also have a beautiful spool of ribbon that I HAD TO HAVE when I was shopping for finishing trim for Hallie's dresses. Honestly, I'm looking forward to sending something from my own head. I'm in the "agony of design" phase, and I've been happily stitching other people's work for a few months. I think I have "lazy brain syndrome."

Today the ideas have started to flow; I know where one piece will start, and I have color ideas for the second. I just had to let this out on the computer screen as well as the graph paper.


Donna said...

I have had lazy hand syndrome. Can't seem to put a stitch in anything.

Angela said...

Good luck with the designing.

tangled stitch said...

So glad to hear the creative juices are flowing and I love the idea of a russian theme.