Thursday, March 26, 2009

While I wait...

We found out yesterday that we were the 3rd offer in on the house. They have until Friday evening to get back to us. They also discovered the 500 foot discrepancy between the listing and the actual house size, so I won't be surprised if they don't accept any offers and relist at a higher price.

I've nearly finished Dove Love. All I have left is the tail portion on the heart! My goal was to finish by yesterday. I think under the circumstances 1 day late counts. I'm determined, even with a cold/flu, to finish that tail today. I will do as much stitching as I can before my eyes feel like they've shrunk inside my head.

Yes, my wonderful children have shared their germs, and I have a fuzzy-headed, volcanic-sneezy cold/flu thing. I have little appetite (Mommy's sorry, girls) and I feel yucky (again, sorry). Why does Mommy always get the sickness last? I'm the worst about telling my kids "it's just a cold, you don't feel that bad, go eat your dinner, I got pizza because I know you'll eat it" - oops. Yesterday I managed to make meatloaf and get it out of the oven before my hips and shoulders started aching. It wasn't so much that I wasn't hungry, I just didn't feel like eating until later. I warmed up a can of cream of chicken soup and drank it, along with some 7-Up, just cuz.

Otherwise, I'm chilling (literally) and playing games on Facebook, oh and trying the 3-day potty training method. Yesterday was day 1 - the only times Katie went potty and stayed dry were when I told her to go before nap and before bedtime. It's the "tell Mommy" that seems to give her a hard time. We've been "going potty" for nearly 2 years - she has to get it soon, right?

Thanks for visiting me - at least you can't get germs through cyberspace.


heathernkids said...

feel better and I hope the 3 day training works!!

tangled stitch said...

Good luck with the house, hope you feel better and can't wait to see DoveLove. See you soon.

Dragonflymystic said...

hope you are feeling better soon...
just went through that
hope you didnt catch it here
and luck with Katie
it will happen...