Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Update

Book of Ink Circles - I did not get very much done at all. Just enough to discover that I'm off one square each way on the outline of the first motif. I think Sunday I'll finish the outline of this motif and either start filling in the motif or do the yellow border.

Here's Dove Love! Okay, maybe it'll take me until next Friday to finish, but I'll definitely (I think) complete it this month. I've started thinking on paper and fabric about the finishing. And now my lips (fingers) are sealed, because otherwise I'll give it away.

House hunting! This one just showed up on our list this week, and it sounded really small, so we almost didn't look at it. I'm glad we did, because the square footage has to be a typo. This home is beautiful inside, well below our budget, needs some work, and we still love it. I'll keep you updated, it sounds like we're going to try to move forward on it. The realtor (foreground) and I went back with the camera and tape measures for a second look on the same day. I'm e-mailing 83 pictures to DH since he wasn't here to look at it with us. It's within 3 year-old walking distance of the grocery store, and still in the part of town where we live now. People who pray, please will you pray about this for us? It's scary, since this is our first home buying experience, it's a 70 year old house, and so many things can go wrong...but it feels right.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend.


tangled stitch said...

I will say a prayer for the house, already did. Your first paragraph is why I don't do cross stitch anymore. And I love, love, love, LOVE DOVE.

Theresa said...

The Love Dove piece is gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see your finish~~
I really hope everything will go well on your house hunting!!!!!

lady macleod said...

We are house hunting as well, and I really believe that that "feeling" is all important - go with your gut I say. It looks lovely.

Dragonflymystic said...

luck with the house looks so cute :)