Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday update - March 14

Picture updates!
BoInk first - 475 stitches accomplished on Sunday. I think I mentioned that we went out for pizza after church with dh. So it took us a while to get home, and settle the kids down.

This is Pixie's Lady - round 6 of the round robin. This will be my Tuesday stitching. It's a little big for my scanner, so when I finish my part, I'll take a pic with my camera.

Here's Emma #2 (as promised). All the green is done! Marilyn, I love you, but not everything has too look like a watercolor! Oh wait, that's the whole point of your designs! So the hollyhocks are coming along nicely, and even the ribbon is looking like a ribbon. I'm excited for Wednesday, now - I think I'll work on the roses in her hands.

Finally (the one you've been waiting for) - Dove Love! I made my goal of finishing the 2 colors. All that's left is the rest of the dove. I think I'll make my goal of 3/25. I had to press it already, so that I could get an accurate measure of the fabric and design area. Pressing always makes it look better, because I use beeswax on my thread to prevent tangling. I tried Thread Heaven, and kind of liked it until it got really far down inside the box. My hunk of beeswax has been with me since I started beading, and I'm really comfortable with it. And I know it disappears with heat!

Have a great week, everyone. We're planning a quiet day here - my mom has had a cold since last week, and Hallie woke up at midnight last night complaining of an ear ache. No fever, and the pain went away with Motrin, but she said it was starting to hurt a little again this morning. So it's Veggietales for them this morning until we maybe go to Costco. I'm hoping her body will fight this off - she hasn't had an ear infection in about 4 years.

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tangled stitch said...

What beautiful pieces. Love Love Dove can't wait to see it finished!