Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something smelly in my mailbox...

Yummy smelling, that is! I received my soy tarts from Angie today. I'm excited. I ordered a sampling of the Apple Crisp hearts, plus she sent me a cute square of Clean Cotton (with a lily on it, I think, I'm bad at knowing which flowers are which) and some Lilac stars. Clean Cotton was one of the other scents I was interested in, so I'm thrilled with my "bonus"!

I may have to hide some of these in the kids' bathroom to conquer Mount Pull-Up. My house smells so fresh, now! She wasn't kidding about everything being triple-scented - I could smell everything through the envelope!

Thank you, Angie! Go visit her site! What I ordered was much less than a trip to Yankee Candle, and even with the mixed scents in my house, I'm not overwhelmed. Approximately 10 days on the delivery, and something fun in the mail!


Tartsbymom said...

Awww Thank you Andrea. I so happy you liked your Tarts.Remember I am having the comment contest so your name has been entered to win a Dozen Free Soy Tarts. I will be posting th winners on Saturday.So make sure you check it out(hehe)no hint (giggle)

Sincerly Angie

drea_dear said...

Yay! I love contests!