Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is the screen changing before your eyes?

Sorry! I'm trying to convert to a 3 column template, to make links easier to find, and I'm having some trouble with it. So if colors are changing rapidly, or things are hard to see, rest assured it will either be fixed or returned to normal, eventually. I'm not an html expert, but I'm learning. Unfortunately, I choose to do these changes when I have little time to finish them - like right now, I need to get a kindergartner to the bus stop!

edited to add: I did it! Yay!!! This section has changed 3 or 4 times throughout the day, but I finally found that I had a hyphen in one section and not in another, so the 2 parts weren't talking to each other - and I figured it out all by myself!!!!!! I'm gonna go do a happy dance for finishing this blog, and finally getting it to 3 columns like I want!

1 comment:

Tartsbymom said...

I love the flowers on the sidebar area. Three coloums are the way to go, I am doing the same thing rearranging my blog check out she has a Blogger help area that really helped me.Your blog looks amazing I can just imagine what it will look like with 3 coloums. Good luck.