Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Thoughts, and Dove Love link

I'll post progress pics tomorrow as usual. I have a mental goal that is totally achievable today, as long as I get off the computer and get to work. I'm working away at the bottom of the big heart in Dove Love. For those who wanted to know where I found this AAN freebie (!!), look here: Scroll down below September 2007. It's a PDF file, so you'll need Adobe Reader. If you don't have it, why are you reading blogs? LOL.

I came down with a cold on Tuesday, and I'm blaming my kids. I was feeling a little better yesterday evening, and then I took NyQuil, just in case. Only a half dose. Apparently, even that is too much alcohol for me, because I had a tough time waking up. Now I have the fuzzy head that had trouble thinking straight. Sorry if this is rambly - I'm blaming the cold medicine. I'll try to work some more on the Etsy wristlet while the kids rot their brains with Dora and Diego. Sitting the other day was really hurting my tailbone (yes, it still hurts from my fall, no I haven't been to the dr.), so I may try standing and beading. Unless I get dizzy.

On a totally off-topic thing (again, blaming the cold medicine), I got a message on Facebook from a college acquaintance. When we were in college, I called her a friend. We were associated for a year, and then she left school for her own reasons, and the next time I saw her, she didn't say a word to me. Now she's all friendly, and not really asking for a friend request, but I know what she's getting at...Do I "friend" her? I've friended "virtual" strangers who are fellow stitchers (hi, Julie!), but I don't know. Do I wait for the cold to subside and deal with it then? Wait for my best friend to be in a better cell reception area so we can disect the situation thoroughly? I don't know!

Happy Valentines Day everyone, thanks for reading!

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heathernkids said...

Don't feel bad, without Dora or Diego I'd never accomplish anything!
Feel better!