Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goal update for December, new ones for January

Recap of December Goals:

Complete the remaining Christmas gift motifs by December 5 - not by December 5, but I got them all done!
Decorate interior of house for Christmas by December 12 - my mom had the downstairs done the first weekend, the upstairs wasn't done until the 20th
Have a fun, low-stress birthday party on December 13 - fun, yes, not low-stress because I fell down the stairs
Complete Grandparents 60th anniversary gift and mail by December 15 - I pushed it back because there was no way I could finish it the way I wanted by the 15th
Mail completed gifts December 15 - they were all mailed by the 19th, and all received before Christmas
Involve the kids in Christmas baking - gifts for neighbors, December 20-ish - yes! They had so much fun
Complete Katie's doll afghan by December 22 - Yes!
Make Hallie's doll afghan by December 22 - Yes!
Stitch dolly-bed mattress covers by December 24 - Yes!
Set up an Etsy store - December 26 - Yes!
Begin Tiny Treasures Exchange - December 31 - I have the pattern ready, and I know what colors I'm using

January Goals:

Stitching Goals:
Complete one new item for Etsy each week
Complete crochet scarves by January 7
Send TTE scissor fob by January 14
Complete grandparents anniversary gift by January 31
Stitch every week on Emma #2

Personal Goals:
Potty train Katie!
Structure time so that I am able to be productive as a stitcher, mom and housekeeper

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