Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coming down from Christmas

Does anyone else get a little down after Christmas? I'll admit that I had a hard time getting excited about the holiday this year . But I still feel like I put an awful lot of effort into an hour in the morning.

Anyway, I'm getting through by keeping myself busy. I'm crocheting scarves for the girls - I let them pick through my yarn stash. Hallie chose "grape" purple and "rubine red" for hers - I'm crocheting single crochet squares, and I'll arrange them like a stained glass window, surrounded by beige, to tone down the brightness! Katie's will be much more muted - she chose yellow and a Wedgewood blue. They don't have scarves at all, and with the last round of snow, I discovered that, while there are some winter items you can skip in Seattle, you really have to protect yourself in SW Idaho. We had about 2 weeks where the thermometer on the deck did not get above freezing. I know, to some people that's just winter, but I'm from Seattle, so it's a big deal!

I worked today on my grandparents gift, too - I got 6 rows done. That's more productive than I've been in a long time. I'm also working on my SAL - I'd like to finish it before the new year, even if I have to ring in the new year while working on it! I don't want too many UFO's for 2009.

It sounds like a lot of stitching friends have a similar goal for 2009 - to finish! And to control their terminal "start-itis". Good luck with that, and Happy New Year to everyone!

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