Saturday, November 1, 2008

Goal update for October and new ones for November

How'd I do?

Complete Hardanger SAL pattern by October 18 - not done yet!
Katie's doll - finish by October 20, start afghan - doll finished on October 20, have not started afghan
Hallie's costume - finish by October 31 (duh!) - finished by October 29!
Finish one Christmas present of 7 by October 31 - sort of - I have parts of 3 done, and a sample completed.

New goals for November:

Complete Hardanger SAL pattern by November 5
Complete Katie's doll's afghan by November 21
Finish motifs for 4 more Christmas gifts and begin assembly by November 30
Start Round 5 of 3 Ladies RR whenever the next lady arrives (send-off date is November 24)
Complete Grandparent's 60th anniversary gift by November 30
Cousin's wedding gift (maybe, they may get something off their registry) by November 20

This will be a busy month, with Thanksgiving at my house, too!

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