Monday, May 12, 2008

My sewing station is set up!

We finally have a place for the sewing machine to live. It's in the garage, but we installed a light above, and there's a radio nearby, and plenty of shelving. Besides, when I sew on the machine, it's usually just quick attaching, so I don't need a truly inspiring space. It's not like I quilt or anything!

I am planning to make some clothes for myself. Our choir sings about once a month and we have to wear all black. I'm tired of wearing the same couple of black tops, so I found a cute dress/tunic pattern at Joann (1.99 sale - I love it) and some black linen blend. I'm still cutting fabric pieces. I have 10 pieces to cut, then assemble, so I'm hoping I don't get too frustrated. I have a couple of dresses I want to make for myself for summer - I've discovered that I lose weight first in my hips then my belly, and my hips can be a full size smaller long before I'm ready to move to the next jean size. Anyway, I hate always pulling my pants up, so I'll just wear fun, flowy sun dresses all summer!

Since I've finished the 3rd round of the 3 Ladies Round Robin, I'm ready to find another project to keep me from backstitching my Egyptian piece! Actually the backstitching is going pretty quickly - if I would just focus on finishing it, I could probably be on to assembly (yikes!) by the end of this week. But I need to finish this top so I can get the ironing board and pattern pieces out of my dining room!

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Dragonflymystic said...

Glad you got your sewing machine set up ... :) and hope your dress(es) come out just the way you want them. Supposed to be summer soon :)
.... have a good week. I have Thurs and Fri off, which is good!