Thursday, April 3, 2008

And yes, still here

We're finally settled in the house - most boxes are either empty or deemed "storage", so I feel like we're really living here.

My camera is finally home - I left it at my grandmother's house during the holidays, and they dropped it by when they came for a tour of the house. I hope to get back to the Hardanger tutorials soon, since I no longer have excuses not to!

One more new addition to this blog page - I finally have a personal Aloette site. Anyone interested in finding out more about these fabulous products can browse to your heart's content, and any purchases are made directly through the secure site. So much easier for everyone!

My Egyptian bag is coming along - I'm now stitching in the gold "light effects", then I need to backstitch, then figure out how to attach the 2 pieces to each other. I hate measuring things!

1 comment:

Dragonflymystic said...

I am so so glad you stitched this pattern! I have wanted to, and it is great! I still havent gotten to planning my finish to my Egyptian RR
.... I suppose I could try that this weekend :)