Monday, October 22, 2007

WIP - Emma's Garden

Last night I finished the cross stitching on my WIP - a picture is on the left side of the page. I thought I'd post a link to the designer, because it's so beautiful, and she has so many other great designs:

This link is directly to the pattern for Emma's Garden. I originally purchased the pattern at Annie's Attic, but it's no longer listed there. Warning - Lavendar & Lace could cause a dangerous addiction for stitchers!

The original design is just the little girl in her garden of flowers. I'm stitching a pair of these for my friend's daughters, and I'll add their names and birthdates to the top. Apparently the fabric I have is colorfast -I tried to bleach the top portion per the instructions, and nothing happened! So I think my second piece will be worked on ivory-colored fabric.


Dragonflymystic said...

Andrea !
she is absolutely beautiful!!! I think I should do one of these- too
I think I like yours best out of all the ones I have seen finished!
Doing a Happy Dance for ya
and thanks for the link!

Rebekah said...

Very pretty!